The LaVelle Law Offices are founded on the premise that everyone should be able to afford a professional, knowledgeable and highly competent lawyer. There are now five LaVelle Law Office locations across the Bay Area, serving clients in their Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, and Employment Law legal needs.
Colby LaVelle

Colby LaVelle

Managing Attorney

Mr. LaVelle proudly manages LaVelle Law Offices with the personal attention of a boutique law firm but with the resources of larger law firms.

An honored graduate of Santa Clara University of Law, Mr. LaVelle has dedicated his career to the pursuit of justice. He began his legal career working for the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office. Following his success litigating criminal matters, Mr. LaVelle started the LaVelle Law Offices. Now with five locations across the Bay Area, The LaVelle Law Offices is an incarnation of Mr. LaVelle’s desire to serve the public, as he did so aptly in his role with the District Attorney.

Every LaVelle Law Office location offers

*A free one hour initial consultation with a qualified attorney in your area of legal need.

*Upfront pricing, with a clear explanations of fees and charges.

*Convenient payment plans for most cases.